Why Donate to Viva!

Why Donate to Viva!?

The answer is a simple but powerful one: Viva! is a charity (1037486)​ that saves animals and campaigns for a better future for all. We survive purely on your generosity. Viva! receives no government funding and the only way we can carry on making a difference is by donations from people like you. If it wasn’t for the financial support of animal lovers Viva! simply would not be here.

Your donation will help us spread the word –- including funding this website. It will help us launch regular, hard-hitting campaigns and force the vegetarian and vegan debate back on to the agenda –- on TV, radio and in the Press.

Save animals with Viva!Viva! highlights the destruction the West's meat-based diet has on our planet - and how, by simply going veggie, we can literally save the planet with our knife and fork.

Viva! is investing in the future. With a huge commitment to youth education, your donation will sow the seeds of a more compassionate tomorrow.

Your donation will help Viva! change people to a vegetarian or vegan diet (every person who does saves around 11,000 animals!).

Viva! needs your help and support to end the shame of animal suffering, to protect the planet and to stop the killing. There has never been a better time nor a greater need to fight for a world free from cruelty, pain and greed. Together we can make a difference.

Please help us save animals. Donate to Viva! today. Whatever you can afford will make a difference to helping us end the suffering of animals and promoting a kinder tomorrow.

  • The withdrawal of meat from debeaked ducks from UK supermarket shelves. This followed our major undercover investigation of the squalid conditions on duck farms.
  • The withdrawal of kangaroo and other so-called ‘exotic’ meats from 1,500 UK supermarkets.
  • A substantial decline – from 90,000 to 30,000 – in just a few years in the number of horses being exported from Poland.
  •   Extensive coverage of our many campaigns in hundreds of newspaper and magazine titles each year, and the distribution of millions of leaflets, both of which enable the public to see for themselves the way in which farmed and other animals killed for their meat and skin are treated. Empowered, they can make a difference by supporting Viva!’s work and refusing to support the cruelty through the products they buy.
  • Our hugely popular series of free Incredible Veggie Roadshows have brought the wonderful world of healthier, cruelty-free, environment-saving, people-protecting vegetarian living to every corner of the UK.
  • The production of many popular Guides on everything from vegetarian pregnancy to the well known L Plate Vegetarian
  • A pledge by Whole Foods Market to stop selling ALL factory farmed produce in its 145 US stores. The chain is developing free range-only standards for all species. This historic decision is certain to exert substantial pressure on the industry to meet their standards, which will be a major improvement on existing codes of practice and legislation.
  • The writing of the only UK books on all the vegetarian issues – from The Silent Ark to theLivewire Guide to Going, Being & Staying Veggie
  • The biggest and most active network of school speakers on veggie issues in the UK
  • A substantial increase in the number of vegetarians, vegans and meat reducers – thus saving lives.

Every donation helps save animals. Also, please consider becoming a supporter and join us in the fight for life.