Body Cooling

Body cooling technique

Most mammals regulate their body temperature through evaporative heat loss. There are two main methods of doing this: sweating and panting. Whereas most herbivores have sweat glands spread out over the body surface, sweating being their predominant body cooling technique, nearly all carnivores lack these glands and pant in order to cool down [1] (Fig. 1).

What about humans?

We humans – like most herbivores – regulate our body temperature through sweating (Fig. 2).

Carnivores, like this dog, cool their body by panting

Fig. 1:  Carnivores, like this dog, cool their body by panting, i.e., rapid breathing through the mouth (Image: Jenny Di Leo).


Fig. 2:  Humans and most herbivores sweat from specific glands spread across the body surface, e.g., in the armpits (Image: Corbis).


[1] Willmer, Pat, Graham Stone, and Ian Johnston. Environmental Physiology of Animals. John Wiley & Sons, 2009