Vegan for January? Don’t stop now!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

If you went vegan for January, don’t make the mistake of going back now’ say this week’s headlines in the Independent newspaper. 

Record numbers of people pledged to go vegan this January. They will undoubtedly be feeling the benefits so wouldn’t it be foolish to go back?

The article lists the reasons why, if you went vegan this January, you would do well to stick at it! Last year, a whopping 97 per cent of those who took the pledge said they felt better for it. Why would anyone choose to go back to feeling worse? If you quit smoking for a month, you wouldn’t go back to lighting up the next month would you?

Reasons to be vegan, one, two, three!

1) Vegans live longer

There is a large body of evidence showing how vegans have a lower risk of early death, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and many other diseases. They weigh less and have lower blood pressure and cholesterol. They tend to live longer than people who eat animal products.

The article says that cheese is so full of fat, it’s basically the nutritional equivalent of eating Vaseline!

2) A vegan diet is best for the planet

Livestock farming is one of the biggest drivers of climate change and global warming. A staggering 65 per cent of the world’s nitrous oxide emissions (a major greenhouse gas and contributor to climate change), comes from farmed animals. Meat and dairy foods require more land, water and energy that plant foods and there would be much more food to go around if we grew plants to feed people rather than animals.

If we are to stand any chance in slowing, or even halting climate change, the whole world needs to shift towards a vegan diet.

3) Do it for the animals

Lastly, the article highlights the fact that many people say they love animals but then eat bits of them for dinner! We are learning, more and more, that animals feel not only pain and joy but that they can remember important events, develop relationships and are capable of complex feelings not unlike our own. Why would anyone want to condemn an animal to the miserable squalor of a factory farm with nothing but a terrifying, painful death to look forward to?

But, none of this is necessary, if you went vegan for January – keep on going! And if you didn’t, why not try it now? It’s so easy to go vegan! Try our free 30 Day Vegan meal plan. You can start anytime and we’re here to help

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