Fish is seemingly promoted as the new penicillin – the magic bullet for our health that will banish all our ills! All fish, it is claimed, are healthy but the oily fish such as salmon and mackerel are especially healthy containing, as they do, the good or omega-3 fats the body can’t live without. These omega-3 fats certainly help protect the heart but plant oils, not fish oils, are the true wonder foods here. According to the UK government’s own surveys, all fish contain toxic poisons such as mercury, PCBs and dioxins. Irresponsible human activity has polluted the world’s oceans and fish are literally swimming in a sea of human waste. To expect healthy food to come from an unhealthy environment is little short of madness! And over-fishing has virtually decimated fish stocks worldwide. But what of the claim that fish oils protect the heart?

Plant oils are twice as effective in lowering the risks of heart attack in high risk patients than fish oils! Where people are already eating a heart-friendly diet – one low in saturated fat, for example, typical of many vegetarian and vegan diets – adding fish to the diet will produce no additional benefit to the heart. Seeds, nuts, beans and their oils are the richest known sources of the essential good fats we need in the diet. Green vegetables are also a source. Walnuts, linseed (flax) and rapeseed oil are all exceptionally rich in omega-3 fats and are all easily available in supermarkets and healthfood shops. (See Viva!Health Fishing For Facts report online.)