Why You Don't Need Dairy

With raves reviews: “A gripping insight into why dairy damages our health” and “I thought a dairy cow's life was idyllic. Now I know differently. This guide has given me the confidence to accept that my vegan diet is the healthiest possible – and the kindest.”

Is drinking cow's milk natural? This guide explains why drinking cow's milk is bad for our babies and for us. How milk increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes, acne and cancers. Milk’s got the lot – growth hormones, oestrogen, saturated fat and pus (yes, pus). It also covers the suffering of dairy cows and goats – and how it affects our health. Find out why those who drink the least milk have the strongest bones. Provides easy sources of calcium and lots more information on healthy, nutritious diets.

All you need to know about milk – and why you’re better off without it.

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