No shortcuts, no magic bullet...

Fish is not a health food. It’s not a magical wonder food that can guarantee good heart health and turn all kids into geniuses. The real problem is a lack of good fats because of the appalling state of most people’s diets. Fish is not a popular food and most people never eat it. We have to stop looking for a ‘quick fix’ miracle and focus on the bigger picture… improving our diets by cutting out the foods laden with animal fats, sugar, salt and cholesterol and eating more fruit, vegetables, pulses, wholegrains, nuts and seeds. It really is that simple.

Fish are a source of protective EFAs but they are not the only one nor are they the healthiest. They contain saturated fat, are loaded with toxic pollutants known to damage health and no-one knows what the long-term result will be of constant exposure to low levels of these highly-toxic chemicals. It could well be described as a game of Russian roulette. When you take a mouthful of fish you are also eating neurotoxins and carcinogens, including mercury, PCBs and dioxins and contributing to the destruction of the world’s oceans.

There is an alternative. ALA from plants protects your heart and doesn’t come laced with poison. If you want belt and braces, take an algal supplement.

Well-balanced vegetarian and vegan diets, containing EFA-rich foods, not only help combat heart disease but also protect against many other degenerative diseases. The big question is – why have the tremendous advantages of a plant-based diet in providing ALA and reducing the risk from almost all degenerative diseases been virtually ignored by health professionals?

Our hearts don’t need fish, our brains don’t need fish and our health is far better served by plant EFAs. In short – fish is not a health food.