Positive change

Nurses from across the US were recruited to try veganism and the results are astonishing

Nineteen nurses participated in a nutrition educational program by following a plant-based diet for 21 days. The aim was to improve their knowledge of plant-based nutrition and experience its benefits. They were encouraged to eat fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, pulses and nuts and seeds; cut out meat, seafood,dairy products and eggs and limit highly refined foods, such as white flour, oils and sugar.

Nearly three-quarters saw a decrease in total cholesterol, more than half lost weight and all reported health benefits. Many experienced a dramatic improvement in energy levels - 11 per cent were highly satisfied with them before the diet whereas 41 per cent felt this way at the end of the 21-day program. And whilst only six per cent of participants were highly satisfied with their overall health before starting the program, 44 per cent felt this way afterwards.

All the nurses agreed that they gained valuable knowledge and experience about nutrition and health and now see a plant-based diet as a viable option for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

Evans J et al., 2017. A Plant-Based Nutrition Program. American Journal of Nursing. 117 (3): 56–61.