Meat as bad as sugar

Meat is as much to blame for excess weight as sugar

Sensational research that analysed data from 170 countries resulted in an important finding in two papers. After adjusting for factors such as people’s activity levels, income, lifestyle and calorie consumption, meat intake was directly and significantly linked to excess weight. In fact, meat turned out to be as bad as sugar and these two food groups together explain almost all the variation in people’s body weights.

The papers describe in detail why and how meat is linked to obesity. If we eat more than enough food, the fats and carbohydrates are digested first and supply all the energy we require. Meat protein is digested later and the body only needs to use a small proportion of it so most of the energy it provides is surplus to requirements and is converted to fat which is then stored in your body.

The authors concluded that public health strategies should be put in place to reduce people’s meat consumption.

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