Love your lentils

A new study suggests that eating pulses (beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas, etc.) on a regular basis can prevent metabolic syndrome - characterised by being overweight or obese with the accumulation of fat mainly around the waist, raised blood pressure and increased fat and sugar levels in the blood (considered to be pre-diabetic). In the study, people who consumed the most pulses (around 2.5 portions per week) had lower blood pressure, blood sugar levels and a better ratio of bad v good fats in the blood than those people who consumed less. Researchers calculated that these people had 75 per cent lower risk of developing the metabolic syndrome.

Hosseinpour-Niazi, S., Mirmiran, P., Amiri, Z., Hosseini-Esfahani, F., Shakeri, N., Azizi, F., 2012. Legume intake is inversely associated with metabolic syndrome in adults. Archives of Iranian Medicine. 15 (9) 538-544.