Healthy body, healthy mind

A recently published study of 7,087 people over the age of 65 revealed that people with metabolic syndrome are at an increased risk of cognitive decline. Metabolic syndrome is a condition characterised by central obesity (most weight accumulated around the waist), raised blood pressure, raised triglycerides (fats in the blood), low HDL cholesterol (the ‘good’ type that helps to clear cholesterol from the bloodstream) and raised blood sugar levels. It is known that metabolic syndrome significantly increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease but as the new research shows, it also makes people more prone to cognitive decline and depression. Metabolic syndrome is a reversible condition. A low-fat plant-based diet is the best possible in prevention and treatment of this syndrome.

Raffaitin C. et al., 2011. Metabolic syndrome and cognitive decline in French elders: The Three-City Study. Neurology. 76 (6) 518-525.