Green light for soya

Growing mountain of evidence is in agreement that soya is safe and nutritious

A new review of all scientific studies and data on the safety of soya has been conducted to settle the debate about whether soya has positive or negative health effects. The authors focused particularly on the health of different population groups, such as vegetarians and vegans, children and cancer patients.

After examining the evidence, the scientists agreed that soya is a good source of protein, unsaturated fats, antioxidants, iron and calcium. They highlighted that soya consumption can lower the risk of some cancers, heart disease and osteoporosis and does not affect the thyroid, reproductive health and sexual development. Babies fed soya-formula grow and develop at a normal rate and there’s no need to worry about any side-effects. The study also mentions how soya consumption can be helpful for breast cancer patients and may improve the treatment outcomes.

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