Fish oil – snake oil?

Scientists say there’s still no clear evidence that fish oils are healthful

It was suggested in the late 60s that fish oil consumption might reduce your risk of heart disease and generally improve your cardiovascular health. The author of the latest study looking at all available evidence thoroughly investigated the issue and is not convinced. He gathered studies and trials examining the influence of fish oil intake on the levels of fat and cholesterol in the blood and long-term health outcomes and did not find a reliable link. The science to justify fish oil supplements simply isn’t there.

The study seems to agree with the message Viva! Health has been promoting all along – that it’s the overall diet that matters. A fish oil capsule is not a magic bullet!


Ridker PM, 2016. Fish consumption, fish oils, and cardiovascular events: still waiting for definitive evidence. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 104(4): 951-952.