Final warning

Covid-19 is a shot across the bows

More and more scientists are acknowledging the role that eating animals plays in the emergence of infectious diseases. In this study, scientists from Iran say, given that the probable origin of Covid-19 was animal consumption, the world must now implement stricter rules on food hygiene and consumption globally. They say: “International communities and organisations have strict rules against atomic bombs, chemical and biological weapons, wars, and many other traumatic events and all are more or less adhering to the rules. However, there are no such international rules on food consumption”. There’s no guarantee, they warn, that in the future, the consumption of another animal will not lead to the creation of a pandemic and endanger lives around the world. The best way to prevent the spread of these contagious and deadly diseases, they say, is to modify food culture worldwide. That means ending factory farming as well as wildlife markets.

Farnoosh G, Zarei S, Hosseini Zijoud SS et al. 2020. Is there a guarantee that the crisis of COVID-19 will not be repeated? Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness. 1-2. [published online ahead of print].