Dairy hits rock bottom

Evidence linking dairy and cancer adulthood is increasing, but childhood dairy consumption and cancer has not been widely studied. New research looked at the diets of just under 5,000 children from England and Scotland during the late 1930s. In this group, 770 cancer cases occurred between 1948 and 2005. This study revealed that high childhood dairy intake was associated with a near-tripling in the risk of bowel cancer. It was concluded that a family diet rich in dairy products during childhood is associated with a greater risk of bowel cancer in adulthood.

van der Pols JC, Bain C, Gunnell D, Smith GD, Frobisher C, Martin RM. 2007. Childhood dairy intake and adult cancer risk: 65-y follow-up of the Boyd Orr cohort. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  86 (6) 1722-1729.