Being Vegan isn’t such a pain

According to a new study published in May 2015, a low-fat vegan diet can reduce the pain associated with diabetic neuropathy (nerve pain frequently experienced by diabetics). In this pilot study, diabetics were either assigned to a low-fat vegan diet or to a control group with no diet change. Everyone was given a vitamin B12 supplement for the 20 weeks of the study and at the end, the vegan group achieved improved blood-sugar control with some patients needing to have their medication reduced. They also experienced healthy weight-loss, a decrease in cholesterol levels and greater reduction of pain compared to the control group.

If you have diabetes or know someone who does, see Viva!Health’s D-Diet campaign aimed at treating diabetes through a vegan diet, for more information and to get D-Diet materials go to or call the office on 0117 944 1000.

Bunner AE et al., 2015. A dietary intervention for chronic diabetic neuropathy pain: a randomized controlled pilot study. Nutrition & Diabetes. 5:e158.