5-a-day 4 women

Scientists at the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen found that ‘low-carb’ diets (such as those used by countless women in an attempt to lose weight) reduce friendly bacteria in the gut. This is important because these bugs produce a substance called butyrate which helps prevent bowel cancer. It is vital for everyone to eat what lead researcher Professor Harry Flint calls “the right sort of carbohydrate”. This means eating plenty of fruit and vegetables; aim for at least five-a-day. 

Duncan SH, Belenguer A, Holtrop G, Johnstone AM, Flint HJ and Lobley GE. 2007. Reduced dietary intake of carbohydrates by obese subjects results in decreased concentrations of butyrate and butyrate-producing bacteria in feces. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 73 (4) 1073-1078.