Less Porky Pies!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Love Pork are to be asked to change their website in response to Viva!Health complaint.

You may remember that Viva!Health complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about the Love Pork advert in which pork medallions are described as healthy. We looked at their website too and saw claims about how pork was low-fat and healthy! We pointed out to the ASA that the World Health Organisation classifies pork and other red meat as a Group 2A carcinogen; probably carcinogenic to humans. We said how pork can’t be described as low-fat as food has to contain no more than 3g fat per 100g to qualify for this claim – pork medallions contain 2-3 times that much fat!

Well the results are in and the ASA said:

“…in regards to the ‘low in fat’ claim on the website, this does appear to be problematic as the product doesn’t meet the conditions for use”.

The ASA will be asking Love Pork to remove the claim ‘low in fat’ from their website.

At the moment they are unwilling to take action against the TV advert claim that pork is ‘healthy’ as they say it refers to the protein content of pork and protein contributes to maintenance of muscle mass. We are pursuing this further… watch this space. 

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