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Being vegan can boost fertility and help you have a vivacious and robust baby!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Looking at the risks and benefits of enjoying wine and says ‘salud’!
Tell your friends and family that changing your diet can help in the battle against breast cancer. Dr Justine Butler launches the VVF’s new campaign to do just that.
In order to grow up big and strong with healthy bones you need to gobble up milkand lots of dairy products, right? So why do countries that consume the most dairy have the highest rates of osteoporosis and fragile bones? Viva! Health’s new ‘Break Free’ campaign destroys the myths and shows what really matters for healthy bones.
Parents, it seems, are constantly under pressure as to the best way to feed their children. During your own childhood, and throughout the lives of your own children, you will have heard many times the constant claim that children need milk and dairy products to grow up big and strong and have healthy bones.
Dr Justine Butler demolishes the enduring myth that you need cow’s milk for healthy bones!
Does a vegan diet alleviate the agony of rheumatoid arthritis? And even more controversially, does an animal-based diet promote this painful disease? Juliet Gellatley BSc, Dip CNM, founder of Viva! and nutritional therapist investigates and shares a fascinating case study.
Juliet Gellatley, founder & director of Viva!Health looks at the link between eczema, asthma and hayfever and how diet can help you
By Amanda Woodvine   Old age shouldn’t mean ill heath! Simple lifestyle changes can improve your chances of a long and healthy life, as nutritionist Amanda Woodvine explains as she shows you how to…
Veronika has a look at the science and finds that acne and dairy go hand in hand.