Fruit and veg reduce stroke

New research shows that a high intake of fruit and vegetables is associated with a lower risk of stroke. A review of eight studies involving 257,551 individuals, 4,917 stroke events and an average follow-up of 13 years showed that eating three to five servings of fruit and vegetables per day reduces the risk of stroke by 11 per cent while eating five or more, reduces the risk by 26 per cent. The average fruit and vegetable intake in most developed countries is about three servings per day. Current recommendations in the UK encourage five or more portions of fruit and vegetables per day. The results of this study strongly support these recommendations. Increasing the intake of fruit and vegetables would also reduce the risk of other cardiovascular diseases and some cancers.

He FJ, et al. 2006. Fruit and vegetable consumption and stroke: meta-analysis of cohort studies. The Lancet. 367 (9507) 320-326.