Dairy propaganda plummets to a new low

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

In a desperate attempt to stop people shunning dairy, The Dairy Market Development Forum have created an advertising campaign that is all about pretence. The sole purpose of this £1.2 million campaign is to get people to consume more milk, butter, cheese and other products. 

If the ads were to be honest, they’d show cows used and abused as mere production units, list the many health issues dairy consumption has been linked to and state that going dairy-free is incredibly easy!

Instead, the campaign is centered around ‘The Department of Dairy Related Wholesome Affairs’ – a made-up institution complete with a crest clearly meant to parody the Royal Warrant – singing praise to a range of dairy products and seemingly recruiting for ‘jobs’, such as Director of Cheese and Head of Butter. The dairy industry can’t say much of substance in their ads because they can’t claim dairy products are healthy, essential or natural for people to consume so they resorted to pretend Government endorsements and recommendations. How original and brave! 





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