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Meat the Truth

Red meat, processed meat and white meat

You don’t need to eat meat and it is not good for you! There is no safe amount. Find out why here... 

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Break Free

Osteoporosis and bone health

How to build healthy bones and what really matters in the prevention of osteoporosis.

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One in Nine

Breast Cancer

Why is the number of women with breast cancer rising? Is diet involved and what can you do about it?

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White Lies

Dairy - milk from cows and goats

Our website

The facts about milk production and consumption. Human health, animal welfare, goats and cows.

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The Big-D


Defeat diabetes through diet with Viva!Health’s specially designed D-Diet.

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Have a Heart

Heart disease

Find out how you can prevent, and even reverse heart disease simply by changing your diet

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Obesity and The V-plan Diet

Lose pounds, save pounds, never feel hungry and reduce your risk of killer diseases – that’s the message behind a scientifically-sound new diet from Viva! Health.

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» 5:2 Vegan Style Guide


The Safety of Soya

Our website

There is a huge amount of misinformation and downright daftness about soya which is why Viva! Health launched this website dedicated to informing and myth-busting.

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Fish-Free for Life

Fish & Omega-3

Why plant-based omega-3 fats are better for your health

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Eggs and Your Health

What you need to know about eggs

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Safeguarding Children’s Health

If your little ones started smoking, you’d be horrified. But what most of them eat is just as damaging to their health in the long run. And it’s in childhood that the habit starts – so now’s the time to begin safeguarding your children’s health

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