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Guest blog by Aurelija Meskaite - vegan nutritional therapist specialising in plant-based diets and a health food enthusiast,

Can diet protect our long-term mental health and prevent Alzheimer’s disease? There have been many claims but even though important, it’s not something that often comes up in the pub or over a family dinner. I had a look at the scientific research and it turns out, it’s not that complicated! The research all points in the same direction.

Being a vegan seems to attract polar opposite reactions from “you can’t survive”, through “you look healthy for a vegan” to “you look so much younger, it must be your vegan diet”.

There are still more negative than positive reactions such as one sneeze and your vegan diet is to blame and people becoming nutrition experts in an instant worrying about your protein and calcium intake. But despite this dated negativity, there’s a skyrocketing number of people going vegan for health reasons, celebrities, nutritionists and athletes promoting vegan diets and shops expanding their vegan ranges. Could the wimpy vegan be just a myth about to explode? Let’s look at the cold, hard scientific data and see what research says about human health and vegan diets.

Guest blog by Vegan Chef Day who has been vegan for over 21 years and works as a private chef and food designer in London. She regularly shares healthy vegan recipes on her website

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