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Viva! Health

  • The Truth About… Healthy Eating (First shown on BBC1 at 9pm 2 June 2016) failed miserably; the reporting was biased and the conclusions misleading – it was more like an advert for the egg and dairy industries!  

    At the start of the programme they took on so-called superfoods by comparing them with cheaper, more everyday versions.

  • fruit and vegan meringues

    Vegans have been using banana, apple sauce, pumpkin, flax seed and other plant-based foods to replace eggs in recipes for years, but a good replacement for egg whites in meringues has remained elusive. Commercially available egg replacers have been available for some time, but they just don’t really cut it in meringues.

  •  crimbo crumble

    We appear to be witnessing an exponential growth in the availability of vegan options in cafes, restaurants and coffee shops across the country!

    As a vegan I have low expectations of finding anything to eat in high street coffee shops except possibly a small bag of crisps or nuts… That’s all changing with the arrival of Starbucks’ new addition, the Christmas Veggie Feast Flatbread, the Christmassy  Crimbo Crumble bar at Costa and Caffè Nero's new Luxury Mince Pies! 

  • Last month the World Health Organisation (WHO) confirmed that processed meats such as bacon, ham and sausages, do cause bowel cancer and that red meats such as beef, pork and lamb, probably do too... no real surprises there!


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