About us

Viva! Health provides a major resource on vegan health and nutrition for health professionals and the public

Viva! Health (formerly The Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation founded in 1994) is a registered charity. We monitor the scientific research linking diet to health and provide accurate information on which you can make informed choices about the food you eat.

We regularly communicate this information to the public, health professionals, schools and food manufacturers by:

  • launching dynamic campaigns
  • producing groundbreaking scientific reports
  • publishing informative guides to help the public’s understanding of health
  • producing simple fact sheets on complex subjects
  • regularly contributing to the highly-acclaimed Viva!Life magazine
  • running the Vegan Recipe Club with many tips and delicious recipes which you can even search on favourite ingredients. Plus you can give yourself a Health MOT!

If you have a nutritional query or a diet-related health concern or simply want a vegan recipe  we can help!

Dr. Michael Greger, MDFACLM is Viva!’s Honorary Scientific Adviser.



"Thank you for your reply.  I have learnt so much in the last week or so it's been a real eye-opener reading all the material you have kindly sent to me (which I have shared with my two teenage vegetarian daughters, going on vegan now!).  It really has been most helpful.  Thank you."  U Leggett

 "Thanks for the info you sent for my presentation. Its a great help I’ve read your report about dairy and have given up all dairy now." J Hurley

"I really enjoyed your article and found it informative and helpful, you do not come across as a food fad fanatic but as sincere in the difficult task of giving (sometimes unappreciated) good advice to fellow humans, do keep up the good work no matter what some others think, the nation's health depends on it."  G Powell

"Thank you for your great inspiration and spirited articles on vegetarianism and related topics. The "White Lies" Study literally changed my life, I changed my strict vegetarian diet to a faithful vegan one and feel much better now." S Ehrenfellner

"This information sheet is fantastic! Thanks so much. I feel really confident that we are doing the best thing for the animals, the environment and ourselves by sticking to a vegan diet." M Miller

"Thank-you for doing such terrific work, it's really appreciated and so helpful to have the resources you provide to educate myself and pass on to others." M Cole

"Thanks to everyone at Viva! who contributed in helping find all this information. I was stunned at your efficiency and quick response. I cannot thank you enough I am so grateful." J Murley

"Thank you so much for all the information. I intend to copy this to my meat/fish-eating relatives who are on my case about the whole omega-3 debate! I have two very healthy vegetarian children who enjoy a balanced diet. All the info you sent has really put my mind at ease and I can now argue my point!" E Taylor

"Thank you for your reply and thank also for the fantastic advice. Your advice not only gave me some reassurance but I have also leant from the information you gave." F Parker