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Products that are being recalled include frozen sweetcorn, peas, beans and spinach and UK...
New research from the European Heart Journal says that high blood pressure in middle age...
The recent boom in veganism has seen a whole host of new vegan businesses launch, offering vegans a...

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A vegan diet is naturally high in fibre, has a better fat profile and makes us generally more aware of nutrition basics. Most people don’t go vegan for health reasons and aren’t necessarily into... more
In the human body, iodine is essential for the production of the thyroid hormones (triiodothyronine and thyroxine, or T3 and T4 respectively). These regulate how energy is produced and used up in the... more
I asked my colleagues at Viva! to tell me who their favourite vegan activists are, to see what the gender split would be. Most of the names were men, with Joey Carbstrong, Earthling Ed and James... more
Severe deficiency can lead to osteomalacia – called rickets in children – which is a softening of the bones and although rare, very low levels are commonly seen in adults and children.... more
Soya milk
Soya beans come from China but thanks to their high nutritional value and relatively easy cultivation, they have been grown in the Americas and Europe since the 19th century. Soya milk made... more
Bird flu viruses occur naturally in wild water-birds without making them ill and have done so for millions of years. They are passed on in water from one... more
Meat has been recognised as a risk factor for cancer since the early 1900s. Countries with high intakes have higher rates of bowel, breast and prostate cancer, three of the most common types. Other... more